Cell Phone Signs Of A Cheating Husband  (11 Unfaithful Signs)

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by April Maccario

Are you worried that your husband is cheating on you?

Are you looking for ways to confirm this - or to confirm that’s all just paranoia?

If so, this guide is likely to prove useful to you. It features 11 cell phone signs of a cheating husband. 

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With that said, let’s take a look at some other signs that your husband is betraying you.

Cell Phone Signs That He Is Cheating

1. He spends more time on his phone

When your man is cheating, it’s only natural to keep in touch with the other woman when he can’t be with her and this includes when he’s at home with you. So, if your husband spends a lot of time on his phone more than usual, you might have valid reasons to worry. Hey, before you make a storm out of a teacup, the workload could have significantly increased causing his phone to become an extension of his work station. 

In addition, your significant other could just be keeping in touch with some friends and family more than he used to. However, the truth is, you and your husband are supposed to be buddies in your relationship. So, if it’s work-related or conversations with family and friends, he’ll likely be open about it from time to time. 

In fact, he’ll let you in on some of the conversations if he’s not working for the CIA or FBI. However, if there’s too much secrecy and you have no idea why your significant other suddenly spends more time with his phone making you feel neglected, then he might have something to hide. I’ll tell you what to do if you read on because the next point is interwoven with this one.

2. He’s overprotective of his phone

He’s overprotective of his phone

If your husband is cheating, one of the signs he’ll give off easily is the way he treats his phone. There’ll be a significant change no doubt; a cheating husband will likely treat his phone as the key to a bank vault. If he’s in the shower, trust me, you won’t catch his phone lying around like his car keys. Furthermore, your partner will be more comfortable with silent mode because he won’t want to draw any of your attention to the location of his phone. 

Furthermore, since it’ll be weird to always see his phone light up during an incoming call or text with no sound, he’ll be more comfortable turning his phone face-down when you are close by. Here’s what to do when you suddenly notice this, don’t snoop around trying to guess your partner’s password. If you used to know his password, at this point, he might have changed it. 

Simply hide your own phone and ask him to give you his to locate yours. Your significant other’s reaction will say a whole lot. He’ll either offer to do it himself or feel reluctant handing his phone over to you.

3. Password change

Asides preventing unauthorized access into your phone, it’s also good to activate security settings on your phone so it can’t randomly initiate a call or text in your pocket to prevent contact with the highly sensitive touch screen. So it’s not wrong for your partner to secure his phone with a password

What’s mind-boggling is if you initially had knowledge of his passwords but he suddenly has them changed without telling you after. Okay, it’s probably nothing to worry about if your partner changed his password for security reasons and perhaps forgot to tell you immediately. However, it could still be one of the major signs something is fishy. 

Simply ask calmly and playfully why he changed his password. A simple ‘Honey, I tried to use your phone the other day but I couldn’t get in since you’ve not given me your new password,’ would suffice. This way, you are telling him it’s okay if he wants to change his password and you are only asking based on the trust level you guys were initially working with in the relationship. 

He’ll simply apologize and give it to you if he’s got nothing to hide. However, if he’s cheating, a sudden change in his password isn’t the only red flag you’ll be noticing. He’ll probably refuse to give the new password to you, act all defensive by emphasizing there’s nothing wrong with keeping his password safe to himself for security reasons.

4. He’s got strange names on his contact list

If you have a “smooth criminal” for a cheating husband, he’ll probably be ready for the time you’ll want to check his phone. I once dated a guy who saved his side chick as “investment executive.” Boy! I thought my man was making some money, I didn’t know I was being fooled. 

The obvious signs could be hidden in plain sight, it’s a strategy of pulling a camouflage without arousing any suspicion. 

This means he doesn’t have to hide his phone or keep it face-down all the time. Whether he saved the other woman’s name with “investment banker”, or “Covid-19,” you should start to worry if his phone call history is full of the same aliases, especially when they are incoming calls at odd hours. 

To handle this, you need to ask your partner, and please don’t go ballistic about it. You can simply ask him about it funnily without any argumentative tone. Simultaneously observe his reaction, if something is fishy, he might be a little defensive. If you feel like you need to poke further for proof, check his text or WhatsApp menu, inappropriate messages from the same contact might be one of the signs of his sneaking around.

5. He deletes his messages and call logs

One of the sloppy moves cheaters are quick to adopt is deleting the digital footprint of their activities from their phones and computer. While it’s a quick approach of eliminating evidence, it’s also an unconscious approach of telling whoever cares to check the phone, cause something odd is going on. 

What’s worse than being cheated on is seeing all the sneaky signs, such as late-nights, neglecting you, without proof to confront him. It can eat you up and cause a person to live in distrust constantly. If you want to ask your partner about it, that’s fine, approach him and maybe suggest buying a memory card to backup storage, instead of clearing out call logs and messages on his phone.

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Watch to see if your partner will be quick to shrug it off by moving on from the conversation.

Furthermore, if you are good at reading body language and facial expression, you might notice a blush if he’s not good at lying or a sheepish, defensive look. Research shows that when people are accused of infidelity, there’s a quick flash of fear/rage across their faces if they are guilty.

6. He starts to answer his calls outside

Don’t take this wrongly, I’m not about to say your husband can’t have private calls at all. If he’s a lawyer, psychologist, or works with security agencies, he may respond to some of his cell phone calls away from you. 

Also, it’s not uncommon that people may want to handle family conversation privately, but this should not be a regular occurrence, after all, all calls can’t possibly come from his family. If your partner has to step outside to take all his calls, there might be a need for concern.

Furthermore, if his phone rings, you might want to worry more if it’s becoming a habit for your partner to move away from you during his calls or when he does the same thing if you walk in on him on the phone. If you are curious enough to clear your doubt, make sure you ask him immediately when he returns from the call. 

Say something like, “Hey babe, was that your Mum”? This way, he won’t think you are accusing him. He may also think you are okay with him picking his cell phone call outside the house and away from you as long as it’s family.

All you need to do is check his phone later by correlating the time of call with his mum’s caller ID. If it doesn’t checkout, your partner is probably talking to another mystery person and has got some explaining to do.

7. Calls and text from unknown numbers

Another move cheaters use to mask their sneaking around activities is to make it look like their incoming calls or text are from unknown numbers. It’s a strategy to make their cell phone call logs less suspicious. 

For example, if you check your husband’s cell phone, a missed call from a Tracy or Charlotte you have no idea about will definitely spook you than a bunch of random unsaved numbers.

There is the possibility your partner could be in the line of business where lots of random people call him for the kind of service he offers e.g real estate. 

However, if he’s cheating, one number or two may stand out more from the call log of his cell phone. Remember, you are not just looking for evidence for no reason, you are already feeling neglected in your relationship with him, he’s less romantic, he doesn’t create spontaneous loving activities anymore hence, checking his phone is to either debunk or confirm your suspicions. 

If a particular number raises your suspicions, you could try to copy the number to check it out on a True-caller app on your phone. If it’s a feminine name, it’s okay to take it from there, try introducing the name in a random conversation while you wait to see his reaction. On second thought, you can just honestly ask him who the person is. 

8. Another woman’s picture is on his cell phone

Yeah, I know it sounds stupid and sloppy, but you’d be surprised some men keep pictures of the woman they are sneaking around with on their phone or laptop. Sometimes, it could be a picture of both of them, it may also be sexual images. This happens when some level of trust has been established between couples causing them not to spy on each other’s phone over time. 

If you have reasons to make you feel he might be seeing other women, then there’s no harm pulling a little Nancy drew. You could be extra lucky, your partner may not have secured his phone since you guys had some level of trust going on initially, that way you can take a peek if he’s asleep. On the other hand, if he has gone full lock-down on his phone, no worries. You could still search the phone if you guys happen to share the same iCloud. 

If you do find inappropriate pictures of women on his phone, I’d say, go ahead and confront him. Sometimes it could be random images of models and porn stars, that doesn’t let your partner off the hook either as it still looks like a sign he’s cheating, and probably looking for another package that doesn’t have you in it.

9. He’s got multiple phones

This is definitely a red flag if you have no idea he has two phones in your relationship. It looks like living a double life with two different identities. This means, you won’t find it easy accessing the cell phone logs, you can’t check what you have no idea exists. This is not good, I call it, ‘advanced level cheating for Pros.’ 

Let’s cool our jets a bit, people can actually have an extra phone as it could be a work-related necessity. However, let’s face the facts here, if he’s got nothing to hide on the phone, I strongly feel you should be in the know because it’s a big deal. Okay, if you suddenly find out he has another phone, perhaps he hid it in his own car which is a classic hideout for guys, you need to look him in the face and ask for an explanation

That’s if you haven’t had the chance to gain access to the contents of the phone. You don’t have to let Armageddon loose over the issue because if he’s smart enough to keep an extra phone for cheating, trust me, he’ll come up with a good excuse if you come on to him too strong. 

You may approach him like this, “Babe, I didn’t know you purchased another phone.” If he’s cheating, trust me, the next words from his mouth won’t be coming out too smooth. He’ll likely look for the most convenient thing to say which won’t be close to convincing. The look on his face and his behaviors the next couple of days will also tell you a lot.

10. He now spends more time on social media

He now spends more time on social media

Social media can be a ‘place’ to spend some time when you are bored, chatting with random people can be fun sometimes. However, if you notice your husband’s rate of visiting those social media sites is becoming alarming, you might need to check if it’s the reason for being off at home.

Snoop around a bit, if he has multiple accounts that aren’t work-related, it’s a sign he could be cheating. Social media is one of the places spouses start to cheat on their partners. This is where emotional cheating starts. Like I said earlier, the effect of emotional cheating is quite similar to when he’s actually having sex with another person because it all translates to neglect and infidelity eventually.

Therefore, if you notice his presence online is suddenly affecting your relationship, have a heart-to-heart with him. Make sure you let him know you are not trying to control him or his activities online. Facebook isn’t like Google docs, messages aren’t automatically backed-up except he enables them. 

More so, using a tracking-app could help access his phone without his knowledge, but if he’s deleting them as they come, you won’t have much evidence. It could help keep tabs on his activities online by giving you access to his search history, call logs and these hacking apps even come with smart location services. 

11. He doesn’t answer his call when he’s out

As earlier mentioned, if your husband is cheating on you, he’ll be more protective of his phone, avoid many calls by placing his cell on silent mode or even flight mode. All these are to avoid drawing any form of suspicions. Similarly, when he’s out with another woman, the tables have technically turned.

It’s only cruelly natural he doesn’t want you to call, not just because he doesn’t want you to disturb him, he probably doesn’t want to spook the other woman especially if she isn’t aware your partner is married. 

You’ll notice this more often when your significant other calls to tell you that he’s got a lot to do at work and will be running late. Of course, when people are busy at the office, they don’t want to be disturbed. This is also a classic way of having an excuse since he knows he won’t be entertaining your calls when he’s with the other woman. 

You might need to get a phone location tracking app if this happens often so you’ll know if your partner is at work as he claims or somewhere else. You’d also have to be sure his location services are turned on to get a hold of his location. Also, check his browser for any recent searches to exotic restaurants or hotels on the search bar.


How do you know if your husband is cheating on you?

A cheating husband inconsiderately spends the time he should spend with his wife outside his relationship with another woman. The first easy sign is neglecting his home both physically and emotionally. Keeping late nights, going on trips that were never the usual dynamics of his work. 

What is the best app to catch a cheating spouse?

There are tons of cell phone apps in the market designed to catch a spouse, however, the SolidarityHacker stands out more as it offers a verified remote functional app compatible with android and iOS. For remote communication interception, the solidarityHackers utilize remote services such as high profile sting tracker technology making it easy for seamless tracking of phone calls, text messages, and communication apps on any android and iOS phones.

What do you say to a cheating husband?

In short, the best thing is to be direct and let him know you are aware he has been cheating. If you are willing to make things work, then ask him why he did it and if he will stop. If not, it might be better to save yourself the stress and move on.

What apps do cheaters communicate with?

Make no mistake all cheaters aren’t the same, there are newbies and there are Pros. Their level of ‘expertise’ determines the kind of app used in communicating.

Facebook Messenger: Messenger is used by beginners because of its user-friendly platform, and easy access to family friends, ex’s, childhood crushes, and the like. It’s pretty common for husbands to use this platform to chat people up. 

WhatsApp: Practically everyone with a smartphone has this App installed, it’s easy to operate and doesn’t require ‘being someone’s friend’ to message them. All the guy may need is a different ladies’ number, and that’s it.

Viber: These are for the Pros, here you can create secret messages that will automatically delete from your cell phone completely after a maximum of 5 minutes.

Signal: Signal is also another communication app that can be downloaded on cell phones. It can be activated to delete all communications between a specific lover on the user’s cell.

What are the signs of a guilty husband?

It’s possible a guilty husband may try to make up for his infidelity by giving his wife extra attention than usual. This can happen when he feels his wife might be unto him. He may start by buying expensive gifts as an attempt to rid himself of any feelings of guilt. 

In addition, your husband might become more secretive with his phone since it’s the means of communication with the other woman. He might even turn off his location service so you can’t know his location real-time.

In A Nutshell

With these cell phone signs, you’d be able to tell if your husband is cheating, or simply addicted to social networks and media sites. If you figure these signs out on time it might be possible to salvage what’s left of the relationship or at least prepare for the inevitable. 

If you’d like to drop a comment or two about the article, feel free to do so below, comment, and share if you know people that would like to read it as well. 

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