17 Fun Car Games For Couples To Make The Trip Enjoyable

Last updated on July 4, 2022 by April Maccario

Eating your body weight in crisps, drifting off to sleep every so often, and listening to music that you don’t actually like on the radio are all typical things that happen on long car journeys - they’re not usually that much fun! However, what if you changed your perspective and turned your long car journey into a romantic and exciting road trip on which you can bond deeply with the person you love and have fun? That sounds much better, right? Of course, it does.

Instead of getting frustrated that you have to sit in a car for hours, think about the fact you’re going to be spending a substantial amount of couples time with your love, uninterrupted - and this is probably pretty rare, especially if you live a very busy life. But, what are you going to do with all of this time and how do you make a road trip the best road trip ever? 

Don’t worry, this article has you covered! We’re going to share the 17 most entertaining road trip games for couples with you, so you know how to not only have fun with your partner but create memories with them and grow closer to them. So, let’s dive in and get started, so you can get those couples' road trip games going!

17 Fun Car Games

1. 21 Questions

21 Questions is a question game that allows people to connect with each other on a deeper level, so it’s a great game to play as a couple, especially on a road trip! You can either take turns asking each other question by question interchangeably, or you can ask your partner all of the questions and then your partner can ask you.

It’s completely up to you what kind of questions you choose to ask, and you can make it as sexual or romantic as you want. By the end of playing 21 Questions, you will have bonded with your partner on a deeper level, and you might have even found out about some things that you would’ve never otherwise found out!

2. Create a story together one line at a time

create a story together one line at a time

A great way for couples to get creative and have fun is by creating a story together. It works best if you say a sentence, and then your partner says a sentence, to eventually create a story. This is traditionally a silly, funny game, but some couples like to make it more sexual by creating erotic stories.

3. Music quiz

If you and your partner are people that love to listen to music, doing a music quiz could be a fun way to pass the time. It’s super easy and simple, all you have to do is choose a song, play it and get your partner to guess what the name of the song is. If you want to make it harder you could request the name of the artist and the song!

If you wanted this game to be more interactive so that both you and your partner can play at the same time, you can pick a playlist, press shuffle and whoever shouts the name of the song first wins.

4. “Would You Rather?” game

Would you rather is a really popular game, and although it can be useful to have cards with different scenarios on, you can use your own road trip imagination and the game can still work well. You can play would you rather by simply asking your partner a hypothetical two-choice question. For example, “would you rather time travel to the past or the future?”. 

This is another game that’s easy to spice up, so go ahead and add some sexy questions if that’s what you want to do!

5. “I Spy”

A classic car game, loved by pretty much everyone, including couples, regardless of age, is I Spy! To play I Spy, all you need to do is take turns with your partner to spot something out the window that you can both see and then get them to guess, by giving them the first letter of the word. For example (hopefully, you’ll make it more exciting than this), if you see a motorbike, you could say, “I spy something beginning with m”.

6. The word association game

The word association game isn’t only enjoyable, but it’s guaranteed that it’ll get both of your minds ticking - it’s one of the best road trips games for adults! All you have to do is say a word, and then your partner has to say something associated with it, then you do the same, and this keeps going until someone gets stuck and then they lose. Again, if you’re one of the couples that want to make it more sexual, choose to do word association with erotic words.

7. Create stories about other road users

Keep both of your minds activated and intrigued by making up stories about other road users - this is particularly good if you’re in traffic and you can both actually see other road users for more than a few seconds. All you need to do is look at other people in cars, and create a story about their lives, where they’re going, and why! If you have a good imagination, this can be a really fun road trip game for couples to play!

8. “Never Have I Ever” game

Although never have I ever is typically a drinking game and obviously, you won’t be drinking, it’s still a really fun game for couples to play. It’s super simple, and can spark a lot of interesting conversations between you and your love! 

All you have to do is take it in turns to say a statement about something you’ve never done, such as “never have I ever got a tattoo done”, and if your partner has, they have to say that they have. You can think of some kind of forfeit for the person that loses, such as they have to buy the snacks at the next gas station!

9. Crosswords

Although you might think crosswords aren’t the most stimulating thing to do, they’re actually great for couples road trips, because they get both you and your partner’s mind to work! Whoever is the passenger can write, and you can both try and answer every clue correctly to fill in the crossword. Pocketbooks are a must for every car and intellect really does bring couples together.

10. The A-Z game

The A-Z game is a super simple, and super fun road trip game. You and your partner need to find every single letter of the alphabet on signs, stickers, and shops that you pass on your road trip, taking it in turns. For example, if you go past a sign containing the word ‘airplane’, you could have the letter a. Then, your partner needs to find a sign for letter b, and so on. As number plates have an array of letters on, including the difficult ones such as X and Z, they’re not allowed to be used in this road trip game!

11. “Guess who?”

Playing a good old-fashioned game of Guess Who is a great way for couples to pass the time on a road trip. One person at a time, you and your partner can think of someone (normally famous figures), and the other person has to ask questions to guess who it is. If you’re both really good at it, you might like to limit the number of questions allowed to be asked or add in animals.

12. General knowledge quiz app

general knowledge quiz app

You can find general knowledge quizzes online so that you and your partner can take turns, when switching driving duty, to give each other a quiz. Or, you can use a variety of apps to both be involved in a general knowledge quiz, playing against each other. Quizzes are a great way to not only keep your brain ticking over whilst you drive for hours, but they also allow you to share your knowledge with your partner, and see theirs.

13. Any kind of strip game

Don’t let the fact that you’re in a car let the sexy times stop! Couples can still get steamy in the car and playing a strip game (one of the best road trip games for adults), you’re bound to turn the heat up. You can play a strip quiz game, or you can invent your own rules. For example, one of the most popular couples' road trip games is that if one person spots a certain colored car (something bold and odd, like yellow or pink), then the other has to take off a piece of clothing.

14. Memory game

The memory game is a wonderful way for both of your minds to be stimulated, and it’s super easy to play. All you have to do is say a word or a sentence, and then your partner says another on top of that, using your first word, and this then comes back to you and keeps continuing, with the string of sentences or words getting longer and longer. The first person to not remember it loses.

15. True or False

True or False is a classic school game, and although the longevity of the game isn’t that substantial, it’s still an enjoyable game that allows you to get to know your partner better. To play this game, all you need to do is tell a statement and your partner needs to tell you whether they think it’s true or false. If they’re wrong, they get marked down on the scoreboard!

16. Sexy trivia

One way to spice things up on a road trip is by playing a couples’ sexy trivia. You and your partner can ask each other questions about intimate and erotic subjects, and enjoy a good quiz, whilst you both start to feel hot for each other. You can make the questions up by yourself, but most couples will need to look online at sexy trivia questions for help, especially if the first person doesn’t know what to say and how to break the ice.

17. Sing-Along

sing along

We couldn’t forget about one of the best road trip games, which isn’t even really a game! Of course, it’s singing along to music you love! One of the best travel tips of all time is to make sure you have a great playlist for your road trip. You can bond with your partner by listening to some of the music you both love, and shouting your hearts out to it - it doesn’t matter if it sounds good or not, because it’s actually not a competition!

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What games can couples play together?

There are endless amounts of games couples can play together in a car, and the best ones are all listed in the article, above. Some of the most popular games are the A-Z game, ‘never have I ever’ and ‘would you rather’. If you want to make the journey a little sexier, think about doing some sexy trivia or playing a kind of strip game

What's a fun game to play in the car?

You can find inspiration for fun road trip games from the list of 17 car games above, and then figure out which one your favorite is! Most people enjoy playing a game that really allows them to get to know their love, such as asking would you rather questions or 20 questions. If you have a long road trip up ahead, why not try them all and see which one your favorite is?

What can you do with your boyfriend on a long car ride?

If you’re on a long road trip with your love, you can, and should enjoy snacks together, sing along to your favorite songs together and talk. If at any point you feel like you want to make the situation a bit more fun, or you’re ready to spice things up, you should play car games! You can choose from the list of game ideas above, or invent your own, whatever you like!

How do you do a romantic road trip?

If you’re trying to have a romantic road trip, you should try a little beforehand to make sure it’s as romantic as possible. You should locate some beautiful stop-off points, pack a picnic, have a romantic playlist at the ready, and have some intimate conversation starters. As long as you’re with the person that you love, you can easily have a romantic road trip.

Which game can I play with my boyfriend?

Whether you’re in a car or not, there are plenty of games that couples can play, you just need to choose which game is right for you. If you’re trying to increase the sexual energy in the relationship or turn your partner on, try a strip game or a dirty storytelling game. Or, if you want to keep it more romantic and a little less sexual, try doing a quiz together or listen to your favorite songs in a music quiz.

In Conclusion

After reading this article you should be prepared for any future road trips with your partner. You just need to make sure that the time you have sat in a car together isn’t boring, but is actually romantic instead, and creates a closer connection between the two of you. 

Did you like this article and find it useful? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share!

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