Bucket List for Couples (117 Bucket List Ideas for Couples)

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Looking for the best bucket list ideas for couples? 

You’re in the right place. Whether it’s a married couple's bucket list or an ultimate bucket list, there are multiple options available. With date ideas like getting a love lock, traveling to a different country, or learning a new language, you’ll certainly have bucket list adventures.

This bucket list for couples will stay within most couples’ budgets. However, it doesn’t hurt to leave your comfort zone once in a while. Below are one hundred and seventeen bucket list ideas to strengthen your bond with your partner.


117 Bucket List Ideas for Couples

1. Consider watching a romance film

By screening the best rom coms you know, you can bond on a much profound level as a pair. Make a fast online search if you're confused about which movie to watch, and add it to your couple’s bucket list. Then you can plan a date, cook a meal, and spend quality time together as a duo.

2. On the beach, have fantastic sex

If you're up for it, some insane ideas for a bucket list for couples include getting crazy on the beach. To prevent getting into difficulty, you should verify with the local policies to see if such behaviors are permitted.

3. Make "I love you," statements to your partner

Couples must express their desire for love. As a result, it's something that couples should mention in their relationships rather regularly or add to their relationship bucket list. Say this phrase honestly and without distractions if you want to enhance your relationship with your lover.

4. Take a shopping trip

Purchasing new items is a lot of joy. Buying stuff with a beloved person may indeed be much more enjoyable, so make it one of your couples' bucket list ideas. You can make a limit, choose a retailer, and expect to get what you need in a certain amount of time.

5. Try skinny dipping for a change of pace

As participants in this chaotic couples' bucket list idea, try to be adventurous. You can have a fun date night at a lake, in which you and your spouse can afterwards go skinny dipping. Add this to your relationship bucket list. But to avoid running into problems, remember to check for any applicable policies in the region.

6. Throw a surprise party with your friends

Get together with your pals and devise a fun surprise for your sweetheart. This is one of those couples' bucket list ideas you'll remember, especially if it coincides with a big event. So, do forget to make it one of your couples' bucket list ideas. It also expresses how important your lover is to you.

7. Reveal secrets that have been kept hidden for a long time

Your significant other is the perfect candidate to disclose your inner character too. As a result, this should be one of your couples' bucket list ideas to spend quality time together. You can still play games to come up with some decent and relevant questions to ask your mate.

8. Champagne should be consumed

When champagne is involved, food and games are a fantastic match. As a result, you can use this strategy to establish a favorable climate with your companion, so add it to your relationship bucket list. Make a fun game for both of you to play, and set aside plenty of champagne if possible.

9. Come up with a song together

Most partners don't think about writing music collectively, but it's indeed a fun experience. It should be one of your couples' bucket list ideas, as you choose your favorite song's melody and write your own lines to it. You can also make games to play based on this concept or write your own wedding song.

10. Make your hidden feelings known

Sharing your emotions with your partner is the best approach to get connected to them. As a result, you should make this one of your couples' bucket list ideas with the intention of strengthening your bond with him. To express how you truly feel, seal the deal with a kiss.

11. Wear each other's clothes

These types of games are ideal for couples. It's one of the couples' bucket list ideas that allows them to step into each other's shoes and be up and personal while creating amazing memories together. When you're both bored, it's also a lovely way to pass the time.

12. Set new records

Attempt to break old records and accomplish something you haven't done before with your companion. You can also start a game that you never imagined you'd finish and create amazing moments with your partner. Make this one of your couples' bucket list ideas. 

13. Make a spa appointment

Your mood is ultimately influenced by everything around you. As a result, you and your companion should treat yourselves to a spa day. If both you and your partner are workaholics or live a busy life, this exercise will be very beneficial.

14. Enroll in a pottery class

It's enjoyable to learn new things. You can utilize your knowledge to play games with your spouse just for the fun of it. Regardless, you'll have a fantastic time with him, so make it one of your couples' bucket list ideas. There's nothing like starting something different with someone you care about.

15. Throughout the day, sleep

By opting to rest all day, you might connect with your mate on a deeper level. Cuddle up beside one another to make the experience more unforgettable. You can brighten up the environment with some games if you grow tired as one of your bucket list ideas.

16. Watch spectacular fireworks

After watching several sports with your companion, you can simply wait for the fireworks. You might also choose to kiss to conclude the situation as one of your bucket list ideas. It'll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for both of you. Nonetheless, it has the potential to become a new tradition in the union.

17. As a couple, practice yoga

If you don't like games, you and your spouse can have a more relaxed atmosphere. Create a yoga routine that you and your partner can perform together as one of your bucket list ideas. It can be a lovely experience that allows you to both unwind and interact on a profound level.

18. For a day, look for a house

Even if you have no intention of purchasing a home, you can just go house-looking for the sheer pleasure of it. This is one of those bucket list ideas that will provide you with a good concept for the type of home you might live in in the future. Despite this, many couples find it to be a terrific uniting couples' bucket list idea.

19. Take a walk in the woods

Camping is a great way to create exciting memories with your sweetheart. If you both enjoy outdoor pursuits, this would be ideal as one of those bucket list ideas. Besides that, you can eat your meals while stargazing. Such experiences would be remarkable.

20. Keep an eye on the people around you

keep an eye on the people around you

If you and your spouse don't have anything else to do, this is a fun pastime that can spark some interesting conversations. So, add it to one of your bucket list ideas. It takes very little effort, and you can wind up having a wild time together.

21. Under the rain, dance

With this as one of those bucket list ideas for couples, you can unleash your inner child. To make the situation even more special, seal the deal with a kiss. It occurs in the bulk of love films because it offers iconic scenes between partners. So, add it to your bucket list ideas.

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22. Take in the view of the sunrise or sunset

There's a good justification why this event is shown in films constantly. It is, in fact, romantic. As a result, replicating one with your lover can strengthen your relationship. Simply get up before dawn, cuddle, and gaze out the window at the sunrise as one of your bucket list ideas.

23. Plan a couples game night

Connecting with your partner over a game night is usually a good idea. You could either attend or organize one with your pals. In any case, you'll have a great time with other partners. Furthermore, the meal will be an acceptable reason not to skip the event.

24. Organize a surprise date

This is an exercise that every couple should do as one of their bucket list ideas. Planning a full supper without informing your partner can cause them to feel even closer to you. This couples' bucket list idea will be an unforgettable one if you surprise them with it.

25. Play a game of truth or dare

Playing a truth or dare game with your lover is a fun approach to strengthen your relationship. This is one of those bucket list ideas that can be done at any time convenient for both of you, such as during supper. Even more, you can have all of your dreams come true by making this one of your bucket list ideas.

26. Make plans for a road trip

Changing locations with your spouse is a terrific way to keep things interesting. As a result, for most couples, taking a road trip can be a soulful experience. Simply choose a desirable location, begin preparing, and spend as much time as possible with each other on the road trip.

27. Make a ferry trip a priority

There is no better way to bring out your adventurous side than by taking a ferry journey. It's also a sweet way to spend quality time with your sweetheart, so add it to your romantic bucket list ideas. You can have fascinating conversations and really get to know each other better.

28. Pay a visit to any new coffee shop in the area

If you enjoy coffee, you can look for new businesses in your neighborhood and take your companion there. Much better, you can make it into a fun game in which you search for the greatest shop that will become a favorite hangout spot.

29. Pay a visit to a museum

Visit any nearby museum with your partner to discover new sights. There's no better location to go if you would like to look at new subjects and see artifacts, so add it to your couple’s bucket list. Nonetheless, it's a sweet approach to getting to know your companion.

30. Take in a movie at a drive-in theater

This exercise would be fun for any movie buffs to do with their partners. You get to binge-watch your favorite movies on a large screen whilst taking in other sceneries. They're even better at night when you could have a meal with your significant other.

31. Cakes should be baked together

Baking is another great method to add some spice to your relationship. Even more, you'll have enough delectable goodies for the entire household. If you don't feel like cooking, this is a great option. On the positive side, you'll get to spend some quality time with your lover.

32. Sit in front of a fire

There are major benefits to spending time with your lover in front of a fireplace. On a cold romantic night, you can have some fantastic chats while keeping each other warm. You could even have a dinner party, go on a walk, or play chess afterwards.

33. Make plans for a picnic

This is yet another excellent option for bucket list ideas for food-loving spouses. A picnic will communicate with your companion on a deeper level than usual. The peacefulness of the surroundings will enhance your bond even more. This is one of those couples' bucket list ideas that can be done shortly after you've cooked dinner together. It could even become a habit.

34. Taking a boat ride is a good idea

Aside from having a romantic picnic, boat cruises or a sailing trip is an excellent way for couples to spend quality time together. If you enjoy being out on the sea and want to spark up your relationship, you should attempt this as one of your couples' bucket list ideas.

35. Go to a different eatery

This exercise will get you excited to go somewhere with your spouse if you enjoy cuisine. Simply conduct a hunt for new restaurants nearby and go on a food tour. It has the potential of becoming an all-time favorite. This exercise can be turned into a game in which you seek to locate the greatest location with the best dishes. Your taste buds will be piqued throughout the process.

36. Make a new first date

Traveling back in time has always held a special fascination for people. As a couple, the day you began your love story (your first date) will still be a special day. As a result, attempting to reproduce that moment is critical. It could have been a date night at a restaurant or a roller-skating activity. You should not be hesitant to replicate whatever your first date was.

37. Spend the night under the stars

Camping in the great outdoors is always fun, but it's even nicer when you're doing it with your lover. This exercise does not require you to travel far. If it'll be more convenient for both of you, you may simply do that in your own backyard. The most important thing is the recollections or night talking you'll make together throughout the night.

38. Play a round of mini-golf

Another game that couples like is mini golf. It's a game that you can enjoy even if you're not a pro, so add it to your couple’s bucket list. It will be even more thrilling if you're doing it with your companion. Try to stay as fairly close to one another throughout the activity to assist you both connect with yourselves.

39. Wear clothes that are the same color as your partner

There's nothing cuter than couples flaunting their charms to the world through their attire. As a result, if you haven't done so already, you should think about it. For a day, dress in identical outfits or couples’ costumes to show everyone just how happy you are. This practice will definitely encourage you to think positively about your relationship.

40. Watch the stars

watch the stars

As a romantic approach to bonding with your lover, you should contemplate marveling at constellations with them. You could always use this concept if you're going to remain up all night. Consider going for a late-night walk to make the occasion even more unique and romantic.

41. Stay up all night, if you want to

You should contemplate staying up late with your spouse if you like to have a great night. This is one of those couples' bucket list ideas that will assist you in having the best talks and revealing secret aspects of yourself to each other. It's a sweet opportunity to connect with your lover while taking advantage of the peace and quiet of the late-night hours.

42. Work out with your mate

While going to the gym on a regular basis is important, being fit as a pair offers numerous benefits. While staying healthy, you're unintentionally offering the assistance your partner requires. Finally, you'll be able to attain your physical goals while assisting each other. Attending a workout class is a fun pastime that couples should do together.

43. Attend a dance lesson

You can start learning dance moves with your partner if you're not versatile on the dance floor. This pastime is a fun way for a couple to bond. You'll fare much better if you both choose dances that are simple to learn and practice. The stronger your bond will be once you've mastered this exercise.

44. Sing karaoke

Performing a karaoke duet with your companion can be even more enjoyable if you enjoy music. It's a fun method to express oneself while still having a good time. These kinds of activities can help partners bond in unconventional ways, which can help enhance a relationship. You and your partner can perform a duet on each other's favorite tunes.

45. Go to the movies

Going to the cinema is a terrific alternative if you can't binge-watch movies at home. Watching the most beautiful movies with other people might help you and your lover have a more special moment. Even so, it will add to the whole experience. It'll be a fun trip if you both choose not to spend the day at home.

46. Get yourself some ice cream

Enjoy some tasty ice cream with your sweetheart to wake up your taste senses. If you're craving something sweet, it's never a terrible idea to indulge. Even so, doing so alongside your partner is always a good idea. You can both choose your favorite flavors and simply enjoy some quality time together.

47. Breakfast can be served in bed

Especially in the morning, you and your partner deserve to be pampered. As a result, participating in this practice is a wonderful method to show your love for your companion. You have the option of cooking anything special for your boyfriend or sharing breakfast with him. In any case, it'll be a cute time for you both. They'll love being given special treatment, which will benefit the working relationship.

48. Kissing in the rain

This action is quite lovely, that is why it is frequently featured in romance movies. If you haven't done so already, it's a sweet way to express your love for your mate. It'll be a memorable experience, to say the least. When it's raining, basically take them outdoors and give them a sweet kiss.

49. Watch an old-fashioned cartoon

It may seem strange, but cartoons do not have to be restricted to children. It can assist you in communicating with your partner from your inner child, which really is your most defenseless state. This is one of those couples' bucket list ideas that will help to foster a stronger bond within the association. As a result, it's one of the most romantic things you can do with your lover.

50. Mountain climbing is a great way to spend your time

If you adore the outdoors, you'll appreciate the thrill of this pastime even more. If you enjoy being outside, it's one of the cutest things you can do with your partner. It will enable them to take in the views and get closer to one another. As a result, if you haven't done so in a long time, you should encourage your partner.

51. Attend a performance in a couples’ costume

If you don't want to spend all day bored, you can enjoy the thrill of a live performance in a drive-in theatre. It allows you to be in the present while immersing yourself in the fictional worlds created by the actors. Choose a performance that will be enjoyable for both you and your lover, and sit back and enjoy the show. To make the love story sweeter, you can even have Italian food afterward.

52. Enjoy a couple’s game night game with your friends

In a relationship, competition is never a bad thing, and that is why playing is a terrific way to bond with your partner. Choose a game that you and your partner are both familiar with and play till a winner emerges. You might even choose something completely different to make the occasion even more thrilling.

53. Go for a walk around the neighborhood

As a terrific way to connect with your mate, try exploring new regions near your home. There's a good possibility you'll see new things and have a good time doing it. Taking a late-night stroll with your lover is one of the sweet things to do in your relationship. This practice can also be made into a new tradition.

54. Jump off a cliff together

You should attempt this as one of those couples' bucket list ideas if you do have the mental capacity for it. Cliff-jumping or bungee jumping is one of the cutest things to do with your spouse because it's an unforgettable experience. As a result, if you enjoy adventure, this exercise is a perfect choice for you. Before you go ahead with the idea, be sure your boyfriend feels the same way.

55. Eat your favorite meals

Having a dinner party with your sweetheart is a wonderful experience. This is why it's one of the cutest things you can do with your partner. The more you are doing it, the stronger your bond with your lover will become. You have the option of feeding yourself. Whichever option you choose will help you both give greater attention to one another in the long run.

56. Take a bubble bath

A bubble bath isn’t just for children under the age of two. If you've run out of stuff to do with your significant other, this is one of the cutest things you can do. It's also one of those ideas where you don't have to pay a dime yet get great benefits. Get in the hot tub with your partner, mess about, have serious discussions, and simply enjoy your time on the same page.

57. Attend a concert

It could be a local event or one in another city. Attending a concert by your favorite musician might be a terrific way to bond with your companion in any case. This is why it's one of your association's most adorable activities. The thrill of seeing a live concert will leave a lasting impression.

58. Riding a horse is a great way to spend some time

With this easy pastime, you can have enjoyable encounters with your companion. It's one of the fun things to do with your partner to increase intimacy. It isn't as daring as some, but it will give you a unique perspective on things. Spending some time riding might also provide an unforgettable experience.

59. Make a trip to a local beach house

You should spend some quality time with your companion, so visiting a beach or a beach house is an excellent choice. There are numerous enjoyable activities to participate in here to liven up your relationship. Simply do some study on your favorites and pick the ones you'll most likely love with your spouse.

60. Together, read a fantastic book

watch the stars

Reading a book together is another nice thing that couples do. It could be a favorite or something completely new to them. Regardless, choose someone you both like or something completely different from your usual genre. For either of you, the more daring the procedure is, the better. You can both be in a different reality at the same time.

61. Have some wild sex

Couples require intimacy, hence why sex is crucial. If you want to substantially improve your marriage, spice up your romantic life in the bedroom. Find some interesting and daring activities that you and your partner will enjoy, to express all the rage you have inside. The further you do it, the stronger your bond will become.

62. Pay a visit to a theme park

An amusement park is your best choice if you want to experience as much thrill as possible. You and your lover are sure to have a great time there since it is packed with activities such as going on a Ferris wheel to have your heart racing. Knowing that nothing beats having the most fun with your companion, so think about any exciting destination and go to one.

63. Go to a first-class hotel and stay there

For some couples, a new location is enough charm. This is why staying at a fancy hotel with your sweetheart is one of the most romantic things to do. You must select somewhere far from your residence so that you would have a fun ride there. Then simply enjoy the occasion by talking about life and ordering room service.

64. Make cocktails with your lover

What's better than sipping cocktails by yourself? Putting them together with your partner. Because you're relying on each other's taste buds, this exercise is an excellent method to create relationship unity and trust. As a result, go crazy with the combining to see what your husband thinks.

65. Bowling is a fun activity

Healthy rivalry in partnerships promotes development. As a result, bowling is among the fun things for couples to do. Even if it's not your sport of choice, it will be an escape room for more excitement. You'll also make amazing memories with your companion. So just try to enjoy the moment.

66. Consider taking a ride in a hot air balloon

A hot air balloon ride is an exercise that you will undoubtedly remember. Because it isn't one that you do each day, it may truly add spice to your relationship. Apart from taking in the views, you can discuss fascinating topics while on your vacation. Even so, it will create lovely memories that will last the duration of the relationship.

67. Get a relaxing massage

The comfort of you and your companion is vital, so a couples massage is a fantastic option. Resting and having the day off can help you work more efficiently and boost the attitude of your team. As a result, having a full massage class with your lover is a terrific way to add some variety to your relationship.

68. Instead, give each other massages

You have the option of going to a spa or having a unique couples massage at home. In any case, you'll have a good time together, so add it to your couple’s bucket list. The most significant factor is the pleasure you will both derive from the activity. It may even become a habit in the long run.

69. For your relationship, create a romantic relationship playlist

Another adorable idea is to make a relationship playlist for your companion. It's also a cute method to express your feelings. More importantly, it'll be a great deal of fun for the two of you, and you'll probably remember it for a long time. Simply select music with appropriate lyrics or noises that convey a distinct message.

70. Make up pet names for one another

Nothing is more romantic than a pair coming up with pet names for one other. You should definitely put it on your bucket list if you haven't tried it with your spouse. Pet names help partners form a special bond. It also makes them feel more at ease around one another. As a result, attempt to come up with some cute pet nicknames for your husband today.

71. Pay a visit to the places where you and your partner grew up

You can learn more about your partner by touring the town where they grew up. It will also allow the two of you to interact in unexpected ways while creating wonderful memories. Visiting their hometown can also provide a clear image of their past, revealing a distinct aspect of them. As a result, you should put this enjoyable couples' bucket list idea on your calendar.

72. As a couple, prepare a delicious meal

Cooking with your lover may also be a wonderful way to spend quality time together. You can choose to make a random meal or establish a schedule, such as making supper every night. The most significant component is the happiness that occurs when you participate in this couples' bucket list idea as a group. You can even attend a cooking class to start learning delicacies and be surprised by what you create.

73. Allow yourself to be without technology for a day

If you opt to ignore technology for a while, you can deepen your relationship with your partner. Paying much attention to their mannerisms as they speak can help you feel more connected to them. As a result, add a day without electronics to your couples' bucket list to spend quality time together.

74. Permit yourself as much time as possible to watch movies

Cuddling up with your lover and watching all of the greatest films together is always a wonderful idea. It's a low-cost, stress-free couples' bucket list idea that any couple may enjoy. More importantly, it will keep you both connected even if you escape into alternate universes. Engage in this as one of your couples' bucket list ideas.

75. Have double dates with a group of buddies

Although keeping the enjoyment between you and your sweetheart is a terrific concept, remember that the more people engaged, the more fun it will be. As a result, a double date should be on your bucket list as a pair. Choose a couple that both you and your companion are comfortable with, as well as a vacation spot that everyone will like.

76. Go on a couple’s bike ride

A tandem bike ride is a great way to encounter thrilling moments in your love relationship. It's a great way for couples to spend quality time together while making unforgettable memories. Nonetheless, the more fun you have as a couple, the stronger your bond will be. As a result, it's a wonderful way to mix things up.

77. Write each other love letters

Writing love notes to your lover conveys your adoration as well as your emotional fragility, which they will certainly treasure. It's also charming, hence it should be on your bucket list as a pair. You can create one each day and leave it in areas where your partner will see it.

78. Watch a TV series

When you watch TV with somebody you care about, it will always be entertaining. As a result, it's a pleasant way to interact with your spouse and spark interesting discussions. Choose a new Sitcom to keep things interesting, which may become an all-time classic. Also, remember that chatting about your favorite episodes with your partner later can be a terrific way to bond.

79. Cuddle

This exercise does not need to be on a couples' bucket list when it should be done every day with your partner. It fosters a unique bond between you and allows you to appreciate each other's presence. It's also a lovely approach to show each other how deeply you love and care for each other.

80. Pose tough questions to yourself

pose tough questions to yourself

Deep questions are the only way to discover your companion more intimately. This exercise can be included into any other date stuff you think up. You can even make things more entertaining by selecting questions to ask prior to the event, which will make the whole thing less strange.

81. Stay in bed for the entire day

Couples are free to be idle anytime they want. As a result, you and your companion should add this to your ultimate couple bucket list as a terrific opportunity to spend quality time together. Lie in bed all day and, if possible, have meals in bed.

More Bucket List Ideas for Couples

82. Take a wine-tasting excursion.
83. Visit a thrift store.
84. Make a scrapbook of your favorite memories.
85. Purchase delectable chocolates.
86. Play pool with your partner.
87. Make preparations for the future.
88. Get to know your partner's relatives.
89. Skydiving.
90. Make a DIY project.
91. Enroll in a painting class.
92. Try a slow dance.
93. Participate in a photoshoot session.
94. Learn more about your ancestors.
95. Go to a sporting event.
96. Attend a wedding as a couple.
97. Re-paint your bedroom.
98. Go for a ride on a motorbike.
99. Bird watching.
100. Play the 20-question game.
101. Purchase flowers for your lover.
102. Get a pet if you’re both animal lovers.
103. Dance until darkness.
104. Go for apple or berry picking.
105. Form your own couples book club and read some books together.
106. Together, fall in a heap of fresh autumn leaves.
107. Construct a blanket fort.
108. House-sit for others while they are out of town.
109. Stay in a charming guesthouse.
110. A country fair is a great place to visit.
111. Dine on a balcony with a breathtaking view.
112. Together, you can volunteer with your partner.
113. In Southeast Asia, go backpacking.
114. Swim among whale sharks or other amazing wildlife.
115. Stay in a castle for the night.
116. In Egypt, visit the pyramids.
117. Don't forget to visit Disneyland.


What should couples put on their bucket list?

If you want to create the ultimate couple bucket list, think about date ideas that you’ve always wanted to enjoy. For example, a date night in an amazing hotel, or a trip to different countries. You can also create an adventure bucket list by including things like skydiving and 

What romantic things do couples do?

A great couple’s bucket list example is going on a Ferris wheel ride or getting matching tattoos. Couples can also decide to take trips to popular destinations around the world like Italy or Paris as bucket list ideas for couples.

What can you do with your boyfriend at night?

Great bucket list ideas for couples include building a relationship time capsule or staying up all night for activities like night talking or stargazing. Other bucket list ideas for couples also include volunteering, baking together, or getting a pet. 

How do you make a cute bucket list?

The best bucket list ideas for couples can range from going on a private jet, learning a new language as a pair, or taking a first-class trip to your favorite destination. Think about things you’ve always wanted to accomplish and it can be one of your bucket list ideas for couples.

What can I surprise my boyfriend with?

Thinking of what to excite your boyfriend with? Then you should come up with bucket list ideas for couples. Some examples include adopting a shelter pet, planning a surprise trip, or preparing breakfast in bed, which will be quite an adventure.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article on bucket list ideas for couples? Simple activities like planning a surprise date night with a wine-tasting experience or going for a hot air balloon ride can be on a couple’s bucket list. Therefore, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Kindly leave a comment below or share it with others.

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