Need To Spice Up Your Sex Life? (201 Of The Best Places To Have Sex)

Last updated on June 18, 2022 by April Maccario

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or you’re just getting to know someone, being adventurous is what keeps things hot and brings you closer together with your partner. 

Although it’s vital to keep things adventurous in every aspect of your relationship, in this article we’re going to be focusing on the sexual part of your relationship. One of the best ways to spice up your sex life is by simply moving the place that you do it in.

Knowing that every time you have sex you’ll be in your own bed gets boring over time, so in order to keep it fresh and new, sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind and get it on spontaneously. 

Experiencing new things together and pushing sexual boundaries in a relationship is vital if the two partners are going to feel as intimately connected as possible. 

So, are you bored of getting it on in bed? Has your sex life taken a hit after the honeymoon stage? Are you trying to impress your new lover? 

If so, it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and give these 201 places to have sex a good go. As well as the 201 places, we are also going to share how you could prepare to have sex somewhere different, to make sure that things go as well as possible and you keep it as fun as possible!

201 Of The Best Places To Have Sex

  • On top of the kitchen counter.
  • On top of the washing machine whilst it’s on.
  • Up against any wall.
  • In the shower.
  • In a bubble bath.
  • In your garden.
  • In a hot tub.
  • In a public toilet.
  • On an airplane.
  • In the back seats of your car.
  • In a swimming pool.
  • In a public park.
  • In a field.
  • In the backseats of a movie theater.
  • On a beach.
  • On a balcony.
  • At a seedy motel - sounds awful, but it’s pretty amazing.
  • On top of your dining table.
  • In the sea.
  • In a changing room at the mall.
  • In a river.
  • Underneath a waterfall.
  • In a restaurant’s toilet.
  • At a gig.
  • In the car during a car wash.
  • In a haunted house.
  • In the spare room.
  • In a tent.
  • On top of a picnic table.
  • On a walker’s path.
  • In your office.
  • In your work’s toilets.
  • At the reception of a wedding.
  • In your friend’s bedroom at a party.
  • On a train.
  • In an elevator - press the stop button.
  • Inside a campervan.
  • At a major tourist attraction.
  • In the playground at night.
  • In your friend’s car.
in your friend's car
  • On a cruise.
  • On the top deck of a boat.
  • On an exercise ball. 
  • At a strip bar.
  • Airport.
  • At a sex show in a red light district.
  • On the side of a motorway.
  • In a treehouse.
  • A retail shop.
  • On a bench.
  • On a dryer.
  • In the mud.
  • Under the stars anywhere.
  • On an air bed.
  • On a water bed.
  • Inside a bouncy castle.
  • Your childhood bedroom.
  • Across your office desk at home.
  • In a cemetery.
  • On the window at a hotel, with the curtains open.
  • At a friend’s house in the bathroom.
  • In some woods.
  • On a stool.
  • On the bonnet of your car.
  • In the back of a pickup truck.
  • In the back of a police van.
  • Under a bridge.
  • On top of a motorcycle.
  • In a clothes wardrobe - play seven minutes in heaven!
  • At the traffic lights in the car.
  • The hall of your apartment complex.
  • In the stationery cupboard at work.
  • In a hospital.
  • On a bunk bed.
  • In a church.
  • On the porch.
  • Under the stairs.
  • On a piece of art.
  • In a casino.
  • On the roof of a building.
on the roof of a building
  • Under a motorway.
  • On the top of a mountain.
  • In a lake.
  • In a library.
  • In the hallway of your parent’s house.
  • In a museum.
  • At a bed shop.
  • Against a car.
  • At your parent’s home.
  • At your partner’s parents’ home.
  • On a pontoon on a lake.
  • Sneak out and go to the toilets of a movie theater.
  • In a canoe.
  • In a house being renovated.
  • In a dorm room.
  •  Behind a building at your old college.
  • In a taxi.
  • In a parking lot.
  • In a fancy restaurant.
  • In a cable car.
  • On the skiing slopes.
  • At a yoga class.
  • In front of a big mirror.
  • On a tennis court.
  • Inside a sleeping bag.
  • In a parking lot.
  • In a ball pit.
  • In a therapist’s office.
  • In your kid’s playroom.
  • In front of a fire.
  • In the kitchen whilst cooking.
  • At the gym.
  • On a golf course.
  • On a beanbag.
  • Inside a cave.
  • On a quad bike.
  • On top of a cliff.
  • Against a tree.
  • On top of a pool table.
  • In the grass.
  • On a haystack.
  • On your patio.
  • Up against your bedroom window.
  • Behind the bleachers.
  • At a rest stop.
  • Your parent’s office.
  • In a locker room.
  • On a construction site.
  • On a water tower.
  • On the grass at a concert.
  • On a football field.
  • On the stairs.
  • In your neighbor’s garden.
  • On a trampoline.
  • On a hammock.
  • In a rainforest.
  • In a greenhouse.
  • On a fire escape staircase outside.
  • In a photobooth.
  • At a theatre.
at a theatre
  • In a convertible car.
  • On the sofa.
  • Inside an ice hotel.
  • In a dark alley.
  • On top of a bar.
  • In the desert.
  • In a cabana.
  • At a garden center.
  • During a massage.
  • In your garage.
  • On a photocopier.
  • At hot springs.
  • In a yurt.
  • In an abandoned house.
  • At the opera.
  • In a sleeper room on a train.
  • At a spa.
  • In a sports car.
  • Underneath an outdoor shower.
  • In a steam room.
  • On a blowup sofa.
  • In a classroom.
  • At a Turkish bath.
  • In the doctor's office.
  • On a nudist beach.
  • On a sex cruise.
  • On a swing.
  • At a fast-food restaurant
  • At a swingers party.
  • In a casino.
  • In a hotel lobby.
  • At a music festival.
  • At your kid’s school.
  • On a Ferris wheel.
  • At a lodge.
  • At a foam party.
  • On the sun loungers next to a pool.
  • In a cafe.
  • At a hairdresser’s.
  • In an animal barn.
  • At a concert.
  • In a cleaner’s storeroom.
  • In the attic.
  • At a garden center.
  • At a shopping mall.
  • At a public pool.
  • At a tattoo parlor.
  • In a house that’s up for sale.
  • At a family gathering.
  • Inside a rental car.
  • At a pool party.
  • On a slide.
  • In a dark corner of a club.
  • At a bus station.
  • In the lobby of your apartment.
  • At a laundry shop.
  • In public gardens.
  • At a historical site.
  • In a crater.
  • At a waterpark.
  • Against your front door (inside or outside).

5 Tips For The Best Sex Possible In A New Place

5 tips for the best sex possible in a new place

Although it’s a great idea to be spontaneous and just go with the flow, a lot of people actually plan to have sex in a new place and tend to plan a few things, just to ensure it’s the best experience possible. 

So, we’re going to run through some of the things you need to think about if you’re wanting to venture out of the bedroom.

1. Talk to your partner about the idea of it

You might be really excited about trying sex in a new place but your partner may not be so keen, or you might have not even broached the idea with them, so you need to tackle this first because you’re going to need them to carry out the plan!

There are many reasons that people choose to have sex in exciting new locations, but a lot of the time people do it because they’re either in the place and they’re the kind of couple that just get to it spontaneously, or they’re trying to spice up their sex life.

If you are trying to spice up your sex life, you will need to talk to your partner first before trying to leap onto them in a new place. The first thing you should do is sensitively broach the fact that you think the sex life between you needs some spicing up, and see if your partner agrees. Then, you can present the idea of having sex in an array of exciting new places that you’ve conveniently got a list of! 

You can look through this list together with your partner and see which ideas you would like to try out first. If your partner hasn’t had sex anywhere other than a bed before, it’s a good idea to start small and easy.

2. Prepare for it if you need to

Of course, this isn’t some sort of project or mission and you want it to be spontaneous, but you do have to prepare and plan just a tiny bit just to make sure it all runs smoothly, especially if you’re going to have sex in a very public place, or a place you need to try hard to enter. 

For example, if you have decided that you are going to try and have sex in your car, you don’t need to do any kind of preparation because it’s not really a public place, and there’s not much to prepare for. 

However, if you’re planning on having sex in your office, you’ll need to think a little more about it to ensure you don’t end up getting caught. 

For example, one thing you could make sure you do is to invite your partner to your office when you know your big boss is away or make sure you wear a skirt to the office for quick access for your man. With pretty much every point on the list, a skirt is a good idea!

3. Make sure your partner feels comfortable

make sure your partner feels comfortable

If you’re the partner taking the lead, which it seems like if you’re the one reading this article, you need to ensure that your partner feels comfortable with the place in which you have sex. There’s a big difference between encouraging your partner to step outside of their comfort zone and forcing them or manipulating them to have sex in a place that makes them feel uncomfortable - this is a huge no-no. 

Everything you do as a couple should benefit you both and be 100% consensual. So if your partner isn’t ready to have sex in the park in the daytime but you’re set on the park idea, maybe ask if he’d be up for going at night on a little rendezvous with you. Communication and compromise are super important.

4. Don’t end up getting caught

It’s important to say that when it comes to having sex in public places, you do need to be careful. Although the thrill of getting caught is often a turn-on, if you get caught it’s not much fun. If you do get caught, public sex might get you told off by the law. 

Typically, even if people get caught getting it on in the back of a car or in a park they’ll get a slap on the wrist, but having sex on a golf course or breaking into an abandoned house may come with its own consequences.

However, this is kind of the point of not having sex at home - the thrill lies with the fact you could get busted by anyone and you might even run into trouble. Just try to make sure that if you are going to public places to have sex, you avoid getting caught, but don’t let it take away from the fun or put you off trying anywhere.

5. Have fun and push boundaries

Having sex in different places, especially ones that are public or deemed inappropriate is thrilling. Obviously, try not to get caught and make sure that both of you feel comfortable, but after that, just have fun! 

You may be getting hot with your partner in a park whilst people around go about their lives without even noticing, or you might have to struggle to contain your screams whilst pushed up against a bookshelf in a library. 

These intimate experiences and moments that you share with your partner are some of the most important things you can do to keep a relationship alive because it bonds you together much more than getting intimate and home ever could. 

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Most likely the entire reason that you’re reading this is to spice up your sex life, so go for it and get it on with your lover in as many locations as you can. Have fun with it and within no time you’ll be one of those exciting, spontaneous couples that do it everywhere!

In A Nutshell

With the ideas found in this article, you can now go out with your partner and have fun exploring an array of places to get hot and steamy. Thinking about where to have sex will become a really enjoyable thing for you and your partner to do together, and over time you will find yourselves pushing boundaries and getting even more adventurous.

Did you like this article and find it useful? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share with anyone you think may like it. We’d also like to hear from you if you think there are any other exciting locations to get hot and steamy!

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  1. I had sex in a tent at an REI retail store once. It was unbelievable. I came really quick and she had to cover her mouth with a hoodie cos’ she was really turned on by it. She went in first and when nobody noticed after a couple minutes I entered and she already had her panties pulled to the side with her dress hiked up and I got my usual instaBONER. We had to wait for people to walk by before we exited. On a sad note, I did lose my keys. Went back later but they weren’t in the tent. I even asked employees. I said they must have fell out of my pocket when I was trying on shoes…which I never did.

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