Bad Date (29 Ways to Know You Had a Bad Date)

Last updated on June 10, 2022 by April Maccario

Many people go through a series of bad dates before they finally meet the right one. With the reign of online dating, dates are more than ever, more unpredictable and surprising than before. Many meetings fall far below expectations, and it’s only prudent to prepare for the worst in most cases.

Having multiple bad dates isn’t the end of the world because there’s always something to learn from each experience. You have to be willing to know why the mistakes keep on happening.

Many people can quickly tell a bad date from a good one, while others can’t. To properly enlighten you on what a bad date looks like, we’ve listed 29 bad dates examples, snatched from real-life stories, to give you a proper illustration. In a nutshell, these are the kind of dates to avoid.

29 Bad Date Examples

1. When your date looks nothing like their pictures

A classic lousy dating experience happens when your date looks nothing like their pictures. You could try to make it work by engaging in an insightful conversation to get to know them, but when other red flags pop up, it becomes an overall bad situation. It would feel like you got played.

2. An emotional rollercoaster

If your date starts crying amid casual conversations, there’s a certainty it will end up as a horrible date. Trying to understand the reason for the tears, or to get your date to stop crying, might be daunting. At the end of the day, you won’t be able to fathom why they got so emotional on the date. 

3. Shocking body revelations

shocking body revelations

Online dating comes with many surprises, which can quickly turn a promising date into a lousy occasion. Finding out shocking details about your date, like having no teeth or limbs, can throw anyone off guard. There’s not enough room to figure out what to say and what not to say in most cases. 

4. A dumb date

Most people expect their dates to match their level of intelligence to an extent. But, when their dates fall far below expectations, it can easily ruin the moment. If your date starts conversations about how Asia or Europe is a country, and how the sun revolves around the earth, everything could turn out bad in the end.

5. Dating a racist

One of the worst dating stories is dealing with a racist. If your date is making offensive comments about your color, accent, or general background, it’s a red flag. If he/she is insensitive on the date, everything will worsen as time goes on.

6. A date with a gun

If your date happens to have a gun on them, licensed or not, it could quickly turn out to be a horrible date. Trying to understand why they’d carry it on a first date or any other date would be hard. It would be even harder trying to understand why they told you about it. 

7. Going out with a drug dealer or drug addict

A horrible date involves somebody meeting up with you wholly wasted on drugs. They can’t seem to keep a single conversation going, and you can tell from their body language that they’re pretty stoned. Finding out that your date might even be dealing drugs would top the entire moment as a tragic bad date. 

8. The mixed-signal date

It’s common for people to give mixed signals when asking somebody out on a date. A person could go out on a romantic dinner with a friend only to find out that he/she brought their partner along. This is considered a horrible date because he or she would feel like they’ve been led on.

9. Talking too much about an ex

Going on a date is a sign that someone is ready to move on from the past. However, when that person brings the past along on the date, it’s a clear red flag. No one should talk so much about their exes to someone they hope to date. It’s a bad sign.

10. Awkward moments

Nothing can ruin a moment faster than awkward moments. When a person doesn’t know what to say or how to make a move on their date, everything will take a significant decline. The more time they waste trying to think of the best thing to do, the lesser the chances of leaving a good impression on your date. 

11. A date that ends up in an accident

Everyone wants to remember a date for something good. But when the most unlikely thing like an accident happens, it can turn into one of the worst dates. Driving at high speed and colliding with another vehicle can serve as a bad, if not terrible, date. 

12. The one that leaves you hanging

Now and then, a horrible date can be termed as being left hanging on a date without your date showing up. As bad as this sounds, an even worse date story is being deserted halfway through the date. This is what is considered a horrible date. If your date leaves you for a hair appointment or any other unnecessary reason, it’s a bad sign. 

13. The one with scary intentions

the one with scary intentions

One of the worst first dates anyone could be in is a situation where your date is telling about their scary intention to harm or inflict injury on another person. Whether this is said jokingly or with a severe face, it’s best to save yourself and subtly end the date.

14. Dates with strange fetishes

It’s an awkward experience to find out about your date’s strange fetishes too early. This should happen as the relationship grows. If your date is telling you about the peculiar things he/she is obsessed about or enjoys doing in bed, which goes against all the odds, it might be regarded as a horrible date after all.

15. Meeting up with a crook

Many individuals are good at concealing their identities and wouldn’t reveal everything about themselves on a date. However, one of the worst date stories is finding out you’re dating a crook. You would have to face the reality of explaining to the police why you were going on a date with a criminal.

16. A suicidal date

If your date is talking about his or her previous attempts to commit suicide, or several trips to a mental institution for trying to do so, it could turn out to be one of the worst dates to be on. If they express a desire to repeat these occurrences, you might be stuck trying to understand how to help them.

17. A date about magical powers

A horrible date example is your date confessing they have magical powers, or in other words, says they’re a witch or wizard. If they go as far as revealing they’ve cast a spell on their exes to make them comply with their wishes, it’s a cue that you should end the horrible date as soon as possible.

18. A bad-mannered date

Going out with an authoritarian person, which makes you do things like footing the bill, can be the worst first date. If they don’t respect the other party and use condescending words, there’s a high chance that a second date wouldn’t take place. 

19. Bringing friends to a date

The easiest way to ruin a date is to bring a friend along. No real connection would be created; neither will any intimate or bonding moments. If somebody does this to their date, there’s a high chance the date would feel offended. It will even be worse if the friends order food courtesy of the date.

20. A terrifying folklore date

The easiest way to describe a terrible date is somebody trying to bring their folklore dreams to life. Talking about vampires, werewolves, and mythological creatures, and how much they’re obsessed with it, is not an exciting way to date. Also, going as far as talking about sucking blood creatures can crown the night an indeed terrible one. 

21. Meeting with a man child

Having to foot the bill at the restaurant and drive your date home because he doesn’t have a job, car, and still lives in his parent’s house can be considered a horrible date. It’s much worse if you find out that he still collects money from his parents to fend for himself. 

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22. Dating a relative

After making a connection on a date, but finding out that you’re related to your companions, everything can go south from there. The two parties would have to kill all romantic feelings for one another and focus on being just relatives. Things would sail smoothly if no physical connection occurred. 

23. A proselytizing date

An awkward date can happen when somebody is only interested in converting you to his or her religion. They might bring up the topic of life, sin, and death, without being concerned about any other conversation. This would easily make everything awkward, so you might as well end everything before they get worse.

24. A date with a scary profession

If your date has a scary profession like working in a mortuary and is bringing up cringing topics relating to it on your date, it might end up being a stormy night. Talking about blood for somebody in the medical field is another example of a terrifying date. 

25. A thief for a date

Finding out that your companion stole your purse is indeed a horrible way to end a date. Another example of an awful date is thinking your companion wants to purchase something for you but instead ends up stealing it. In such a scenario, there wouldn’t be a second date.

26. Bringing science fiction to life

bringing science fiction to life

If your date narrows down the entire conversation to proving the existence of aliens or starts telling you some crazy story about how he/she has come in contact with some, then it might be time to end the meeting hastily. The scenario would only get more awkward if you wait. 

27. Meeting the parents

A shocking scenario that can make a date turn bad is finding out that your date’s father is in the Mafia. It would be a tough call to decide how to end everything without getting on anyone’s wrong side. It would also be tough giving an excuse for why a second date can’t happen.

28. Date night at the parent’s house

A romantic dinner with a companion can quickly go wrong when you find out the meeting is at his parent’s house instead of a restaurant. Whether or not the parents are at home would still be an awkward moment that wouldn’t be easily forgotten. 

29. Weird sexual fantasies

An easy way to make a date go bad is by talking about your weird sexual fantasies. These should only be discussed with a close companion, and not somebody you’re getting to know. Subjects like this will easily scare the other person into rejecting a second date offer.


What is a bad date?

A bad date can be described as anything other than a pleasant experience. You might feel it immediately, or later get the message when your companion chooses not to meet up with you anymore

How do you know if a date went bad?

You can tell if a date went terrible by your companion’s body language while on the date. If they’re distracted, constantly checking their phone, hasty to call it a night, and doesn’t want to meet up again, you’re sure the date went wrong. 

What do you do after a bad date?

Every date should serve as a lesson for the next time. For this reason, after any horrible date, it’s advisable to talk to a close friend about it and try to extract valuable lessons from experience.

How long is too long to wait for a date?

If it’s a first date, it’s advisable to wait for a maximum of one hour, to give your date the benefit of the doubt. Anything longer than that would be too long. If your date doesn’t provide a plausible reason for the lateness, you can consider declining a second meeting.

Which date should you sleep together?

Many individuals would go as far as waiting up to eight dates before sleeping with somebody. This would give them enough time to get to know their companion before getting physical. Such people also avoid kissing on the first date as well. 

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article? Remember to always find the lesson on every horrible date. Most times, it’s important to go through the terrible phases, before finally finding a perfect spot. Learn to be patient with the process. If you liked this article, kindly leave a comment below, and share it with friends and loved ones. 

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