Am I Friendzoned? (5 Odd Ways To Tell)

Last updated on June 16, 2022 by April Maccario

Oh, dear! I hate to break it to you, but if you feel like you’re headed to the friendship zone, you’re probably already there without even knowing.

I know, it’s also possible you’re panicking, and all the love signs are being misread - or maybe, it’s too soon to judge. It’s not easy to stay as friends with someone you love; I mean, just the thought of it could make many things unbearable. 

The truth is - no one should make you feel less than what you are because they’re not on the same page with your feelings. No doubt, the friends zone is tough to get out of when you're in, but it's not impossible. One of the things you should get out of the way is your feelings; you can't be sure about being stuck in the friend zone if you've never tried to be more to this person. 

Often, many people are friendzoned because the person they love wants to be with someone else or simply doesn't see the relationship romantically. However, friend zone situations are sticky, and knowing how to get out of the friend zone can be tricky. However, before you go jumping into conclusions, read the signs I wrote out below, then ask yourself,” am I friend zoned?”. Certainly, they would help you answer correctly. 

How To Know You Are Friendzoned?

1. He Only Likes You

1. He Only Likes You

I'd take it; he's been your best friend for a while, and you've finally told him about the strong feelings you have towards him and that it feels like ”love.” However, do you notice he just enjoys your company as a person who shares equal values, not as a couple? If so, he only likes you, and you're in the friend zone. 

More so, if he chooses to reply with ”I like you too’’ every time you confess your feelings, unfortunately, your just friendzoned for now. This is even more obvious if there's another lady he is really into. I understand how it's easy to pretend that being liked isn't so bad, anxiously hoping it would eventually change the dynamic of the relationship, but that's not how life works. 

The truth is - if he only likes you, he might still go to the movies with you, buy you gifts, call you often but not in the way of romance or courtship. So, the sooner you realize the difference between romance and friendship, the better for you. It will sting, but it's better to try and get turned down than to live a life of ”what if.”

I mean, if he genuinely cares about you but would only kiss you on the cheeks; he's not bothered by your appearance much and treats you like a cousin; these are flags that represent the friendzone. 

2. You're His Buddy

If all you're ever good for is being a wingman to this person, you've been friendzoned. Do you notice that this ”friend” doesn't mind you third-wheeling at his dates and never gets jealous when someone else makes romantic advances at you? People assume that in this kind of situation, there's going to be a turnaround eventually, of course, but that may not be the case for you. 

Don't spend your life waiting on someone who doesn't see you. As much as being friends is the foundation of a romantic relationship, there's a thin line between being his buddy and his friend in a partner. Also, did you notice this person is not trying to impress you at all? If in the first few months of being friends with this man and he's not trying to swoon you at all and is simply too laid back around you, you're in the friend zone.  

Certainly, your feelings are valid, and if they aren't being recognized as you want by whom you desire, then it's not worth it. Some individuals don't want to lose a friend so they would leave the situation as it is, as buddies, so nobody gets hurt. News flash: it doesn’t work out. 

3. He Tells You  

I'm sure you didn't want to hear that person say,” we’re just friends” or ”I see a good friend in you.” If he has laid out that he’s not interested in you romantically, you’re in the friend zone darling. Whatever other signs you're looking for isn't as vital as this one is. This might be the most heartbreaking method to be friend zoned, but it's the one that ensures you're not mixing issues up in your head - you heard it. 

People get so afraid of getting to this point in their life; they would rather not ask the right questions at all, so it doesn't lead here. No matter how often you ask how they see the relationship with you, it won't change. If you keep probing the issue, you might even chase your friend away from you. At this point, you should consider taking some time away, so the relationship doesn't get messy. 

Certainly, I understand that many people don't like paying attention to this particular sign, no matter how many times they hear it, they still hope it'll be something else next time. However, you can't control how a person feels, and they can choose to love whomever they want. 

4. He Always Needs Your Help 

4. He Always Needs Your Help

This might make you feel so wanted for a while; I hate to be the one to tell you that it's not what it looks like. It's normal for friends, partners, and family to ask a favor from each other once in a while, but there's a limit. In the friend zone, he is going to ask so much of you and continually calls you up for one thing or the other, almost like using you (sometimes they are). 

You should probably take yourself out of this life if he has you grocery shopping for a girl he wants to date; Sometimes in life, you will find out that these favors you do for them, they don't do it for you. Being in the friend zone means that you're the one constantly giving your time and energy sacrificing for this friend. 

However, love isn't about being used by a person, so if you feel like that’s the case, get out of there quickly. There’s no use sticking around hoping the situation will change - sometimes people take undue advantage of this. 

5. They Keep Hooking You Up 

If most of the time, when you are both at a party or out in public, your crush keeps trying to set you up with a potential lover for an intimate relationship, you’re in the friend zone. No doubt, they are consumed with how single you are but do not want to fill that spot themselves and even laugh at the idea when you bring it up in a conversation. This is a very obvious red flag and one of those that point you straight to the friend zone. 

More so, If this crush doesn’t get jealous when he or she sees you with another person in a romantic situation it certainly isn’t like you think it is, you’re in the friend zone. The reality is that your crush genuinely wants to see you happy and thinks matching you up is a perfect plan. 

The best time to come out of your shell is as soon as you’re constantly being hooked up; it also shows your crush isn’t aware of your emotions and you’re simply friendzoned. More so, making an attempt to get out of the friend zone is to say how you truly feel. It may or may go well, but one thing is sure, you got it off your chest. 


How Do I Know If I Am Friendzoned? 

It's not easy to just ask where you stand with your ”friend” but it's the most efficient way to find out whether or not you've been friendzoned. Try not to be worried about getting an answer, be more focused on getting the truth, and accepting it irrespective. Other than simply asking, if this man doesn't want to do any intimate stuff with you or she's not okay with you being possessive of her in the slightest, that's your cue.

How Do You Know Of A Guy Friendzoned You? 

When you are friendzoned by a guy, you'd be no different from the guys he watches soccer with, maybe a little more intimate but nothing romantic at all. He'd be fine with you third-wheeling; he's going to ask you for a lot of favors. He would probably tell you if you're lucky. 

What To Do If You're Being Friendzoned? 

If you’re still being friendzoned even after you’ve come clean about your feelings,  then there’s not much you can do. It’s important that you express how you feel, whether or not you get a good reply is up to whom you’re interested in. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, obsessing about the situation or worse. It’s best you accept it and move on. 

Can I Get Out Of The Friend Zone? 

It’s not impossible to get out of the friend zone but it might take a really long time for that to finally happen. I don’t think it’s wise to wait around for someone to finally see you because that might never happen. Go on dates with other guys, make them miss you, and maybe they’d realize what they lost. 

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How Do You Know If A Girl Has Friendzoned You? 

A girl would become extremely comfortable around you if you’ve been friendzoned, talking to you about guys she has a crush on and wants to be with would be a norm. She would try to match you with other girls and dressing up in front of you won’t mean a thing. She would need your help with almost everything, especially when she needs a shoulder to cry on. 

All In All...

I hope the above signs that you are in the friend zone will help you figure things out - just remember to consult them first. Let me know what you think in the comment box below. More so, if a person you know also needs help figuring out if they are also in the friend zone, please send this article their way! 

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